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AMPG-182 Rice polisher

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  • Hubei, China (Mainland)
  • ACME
  • AMPG-182
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  • Type:Grain Processing Equipment
  • Output:6-8t/h


Simple maintenance,
User-friendly interface,
accurate water system,
Create high value pure clean rice.

Features:Simple maintenance, User-friendly interface, accurate water system, Create high value pure clean rice.Equipment Usage:Mainly used for the last section of rice processing .The produced rice is with smooth surface , no chaff powder attachments , like the feeling of water flowing gently down  fingers. Using transparent bags as packing , it will to be able to see the pearl bright clean rice clearly.One Axis, Two Stages of Rice Processing:Water Segment: ice is evenly covered with water film, well-controlled watering quantity can obtain rice with stable quality .Polished Section: polishing by the gently friction between each other , the surface of rice become  shiny, crystal clear. The strength of friction can be adjusted. Suction cooling process can keep the system clean.Equipment Characteristic:Simple Maintenance: Quick replacement of Semi-box screen ,Compact control unit can maintain all the control components, The polishing roll maintenance is simple.User-friendly Interface: Conforms to Ergonomic , control panel in the front of the equipment.  Polishing pressure is easy to set and check. On / off control point is easy to set .Easy reading. Accurate Water System: It's very important to precisely control the discharge of water and carries on the stable processing regarding to obtain luminous grain rice.  This step completes through the automatic watering system. The automatic watering control system can accurately set the control points, such as automatically adding water when arrive at minimum load requirements with "Water-on" and cut off water automatically when overload with "Water-off".. The controller contains an operating time measuring appliance, which can be used to set up and maintenance time.Discharge of Water Accuratly Controlled: The atomizing nozzle with Water& air spray  accuratly. Safety PLC control program.Technical Parameters:Processing Capacity (T / H)Power(KW)Net Weight(kg)  AMPG-182 Rice polisher
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