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AMCT-15TPD Rice Processing Mills Combine rice mill

AMCT-15TPD Rice Processing Mills Combine rice mill
  • FOB Price: Get Latest Price
  • Min Order: 1 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10,000 Pieces per Year
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Mo
  • Brand Name: ACME
  • Shipment: Within 20-25days
  • Model Number: AMCT-15TPD


1.The family of devices with a compact structure
2.process performance is stable
3.reliable and durable
4.easy to install

This series of machine can produce high-quality rice, the ideal device. It includes 15A, 15B, 15C three kinds of models. Were able to grind Grade I Standards rice, Grade II Standards rice ,special and fine cleaning rice.  The family of devices with a compact structure, process performance is stable, reliable and durable, easy to install, low energy consumption, and operation and maintenance easy and so on. Ideal for small sets for the current rice-milling equipment. Model: AMCT15C rice processing accuracy: Late Indica GB first-class Output (kg / h): ≥ 800The rate of broken rice total  ≤ 25% ;with bran rate: ≤ 0.05%out of rice rate: ≥ 66%rice mill machine Electrical consumption: ≤ 20kw.h / t  use power supplies to power (Including the combined cleaner ,husker ,paddy separator ,whitener rice grader and polisher ,double-raise machine, a single joint elevatorrice milling machine for the JB test / T6286-1999 (Chinese National Standard) Technical Parameter  modelAMCT15AAMCT15CAMCT15DAMCT15Ecapacity15t/d15t/d15t/d15t/dDevice configuration is as follow  combined cleanerTQLQ50TQLQ50TQLQ50TQLQ50huskerMLGT15MLGT15MLGT15MLGT15paddy separatorMGCZ 70x5MGCZ 70x5MGCZ 70x5MGCZ 70x5whitenerNF 15NF 15 (2 sets)NF 15 (2 sets)NF 15 (2 sets)rice graderNOMMJP 50x2MMJP 50x2MMJP 50x2polisherNOMCMG 15MCMG 15MCMG 15Packing MachineNONODCS 50ADCS 50AColor SorterNONONOCCD AM128power18.65kw59.4kw60.4KW66.4KWdimension2.7x2x3.5m5.3x2x3.5m8.3x2x3.5m11.3x2x3.5m AMCT-15TPD Rice Processing Mills Combine rice mill

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