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ACME Floating Cover Biogas Digester System

  • FOB Price:
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  • RMB 10,000 /
  • Exporting standard packing
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1.ACME Floating Cover Digester System
2.Low requirements.
3.20 years service life
4.Easy to be installed
5.Popular oversea.
ACME Floating Cover Biogas Digester System   
High lights
The floating style digester is better then the digester with all pvc material.
It is much easier to out let the residue.
For example, if you want to build a 100 CBM digester, you can build a 60CBM concrete pool in the
ground and then add a 40 CBM soft pvc plastic floating cover on it.
Dont worry about the installing, we will send you the whole installing manual, since that its easy for everyone
to build the digester.
Production technology
The household biogas digesters are manufactured by sophisticated, high frequent and intelligent machine by means of welding with PVC that contains more than ten kinds of aging-resistant, corroding-resistant, fire-resistant and strengthened special additives.
Quality assurance
It is really like a bag, and bear high pressure. People can jump on it, when it is filled with air. (make sure your shoes are free of sharp things) In China, we have it insured against its quality, which means you can get payment of 1000RMB from the insurance company, if any damage irreparable caused to the biogas digester within 5years. So its quality is really good.
DIY installation
Our biogas digester is really DIY installation. We''ll send you owner''s manual, drawings for building pit to hold biogas digester and installation video. With the help of them, you can definitely install the biogas digester on your own. It only takes about 2.5days to install after you build the cement pool.
Pictures took by our former customers

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