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ACME Assembled Biogas Treatment System

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  • RMB 1,000,000 /
  • exporting standard packing
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1.ACME Assembled Biogas Treatment System
3.High reputation
4.Thermostability sealant
5.Artistic appearance.

ACME Assembled Biogas Treatment System


Double membrane gas atorage tank is ACME  own design and production. We can provide technical research and customizing

according to different clients. The company adopt Germany advanced flexible design and production process, has professional production equipments, can manufacture high performance gas holder.  



1,Standardization, serialization, wide range of selection

2,Modernization methods of production and management

3,Quality protection and best service.


Scope of application:

1,Widely used as anaerobic tanks and sewage treatment devices from the field of biogas, sewage treatment, chemical, electricity, etc. 

2,The membrane strage tank is suirable for large and medium size biogas plant.



Pictures for your reference:




Looking for a qualified biogas project supplier?


ACME is a experienced biogas project supplier, we specialized in this field for many years with high reputation.

-ACME  supplies whole biogas plan according to your different budget.

-ACME offers the whole set of equipments and installing and after service.

-ACME provides both big biogas project equipments and family size biogas system.

-No matter you are a big investor or a small dealer, please come to ACME, we will offer the most suitable biogas program.





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